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  • software-defined
    Machines, Apps,
    Networks, Storage,
    Stacks, App Containers
    as a single file on commodity hardware for IT

Drive down infrastructure costs with Infrastructure Containers Cypherpath - A distributed infrastructure platform for developers, network, and system admins.

Place machines networks apps storage stacks containers in an infrastructure container

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Virtual Container Platform

Our Features

Infrastructure Containers

Move faster by running infrastructure anytime and anywhere containing any IT components and tools


Containers are stored and executed as securely isolated files which can be delivered to developers, QA, IT, or production teams

Virtual Networks and SDN

Virtual switching and routing provides automatic networking and services inside and outside of containers


Linked clones of container components are distributed, cached, and garbage collected improving infrastructure efficiency

Distributed Architecture

Commodity hardware is combined into one big pool of resources. Scale by adding additional hardware

Network Security & Isolation

Integrated network security with switching, routing, and private network services. Each container is securely isolated

Container Snapshots

Containers save their state including RAM so previous infrastructure states can be revisited

Container Sharing

Real-time creation, configuration, and management of containers with multiple users

Tenancies and Quotas

Manage groups of users in individual tenancies and control physical resource allocations across the platform

Commodity Hardware

Installs directly to racks of heterogeneous and homogeneous x86 based hardware for creating, delivering, and running containers

Centralized Management

Web interface delivers centralized management and visibility of Cypherpath containers across the platform

Administration Simplicity

Intuitive workflows simplify deployment, provisioning, orchestration, and maintenance of Cypherpath containers

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Remotely access container machine consoles and desktops through a web interface. Directly interact with apps and services

Programmatic Interface

Programmatic control provides full automation and integration of the platform for system management

Rich Analytics

Container visibility, system performance metrics, and real-time reports of resource and user consumption

What Customers Say

Cypherpath is trusted deployed by people everywhere

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