The Virtual Platform™
Providing the Highest Speed, Security and Agility for Commercially Available Software-Defined Data Center Solutions

The Platform Offers Exceptional Agility and Performance vs. Typical IT

Cypherpath is already working with some of the most demanding customers in financial services and government agencies to simplify their IT operations, and respond faster to changing business requirements by delivering full IT infrastructure virtually. Now with the Virtual Platform you can virtualize the combined IT infrastructure making infrastructure as easy to provision and manage as virtual machines.

Deploying Secure and Agile Infrastructure at the Lowest Cost

Cypherpath emulates combined IT infrastructure (Compute, Network, and Storage) as separate virtual environments. These virtual environments can be easily run, stored, suspended, resumed, and transported between physical servers. Multiple environments can run on the same physical server(s) without interfering with each other. The platform leverages commodity hardware to deliver high availability, allocate resources dynamically, and automate IT infrastructure.

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