Cypherpath SDI OS™ delivers infrastructures on-demand by abstracting machines, networks, storage, and apps into software-defined self-contained files. Cypherpath eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and rebuilding, rearchitecting, or reconfiguring IT infrastructure allowing IT to instantly create, deliver, and run SDIs anytime, anywhere.

Software-Defined Infrastructures (SDIs)

Cypherpath SDIs can be immediately delivered to IT, QA, developers, and production teams.

SDIs can be created and destroyed on-demand. Infrastructure and all of its dependencies (machines, OSs, networks, storage, configs, and apps) are packaged into a SDI file that is independent of underlying configurations and hardware. SDI allows for version control and reuse. You can inspect differences and rollback to previous versions. You can share SDIs with other users, copy them, and back up each entire SDI.

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SDI Machines, OSs, & Apps

Create machines with different settings including CPUs, disks, memory, NICs, and video cards. Use any operating system including Windows and Linux. Run apps in their intended environments including different stacks and app containers.

Upload and directly use existing VMs from hypervisor solutions like VMware, Hyper-V, Virtualbox, and Others. VMs can be run, stopped, resumed, persisted, snapshotted, and managed independently or concurrently within each SDI. Easily control particular VMs or large groups of VMs from a infrastructure wide perspective.

SDI Networks

Create software-defined networks with different switching, routing, and protocols including IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, SLAAC, RIP, OSPF and others. Create simple or complex network configurations including multiple subnets in SDIs.

Instantly watch your SDIs machines and components communicate with each other as SDI OS dynamically applies your network configurations. Connect SDIs to external physical/virtual networks allowing them to integrate with external devices and services.

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SDI Storage

Cypherpath delivers enterprise storage to each SDI utilizing a distributed architecture and leveraging NFS to access existing storage solutions. Each SDI accesses storage through a set of software-defined services that are entirely SDI specific and completely automated.

Each Cypherpath SDI can access storage allocations as needed and provide storage to cloud components while the system transparently manages physical storage.